Bold. Expressive. Vibrant.

Dawn's current work focuses on expression as a source of freedom and joy. When she paints, she focuses her attention inward, allowing all things that clutter her mind to fall away. Layer upon layer, as the paint builds, and the colors move and blend, fear and confusion fall away. Often a phrase will come to her as she paints, and she repeats it like a mantra. Digging deep, she searches for unexplored beauty and a deeper sense of love and connectedness with the world around her.

Dawn's earlier portraiture of civil rights pioneers also reflects her belief of the power of individuals to shift society. Having grown up in New York and attended university in Manhattan, Dawn craved the solace and power of wide open spaces. She was drawn to the mountains of Colorado and the red canyons of southern Utah and New Mexico. 

The loss of her father, and her own personal struggles sparked her to embark on a spiritual journey in search of personal authenticity and a sense of belonging to life. This journey led her to Zion National Park and the Virgin river that carved it. Here, Dawn found a connection to the land that transformed her life. From this rooted place, Dawn was able to see life, its beauty and struggles, through a new lens.

Dawn has studied music, women's studies, and graphic design, but has found her soul's work in painting.

Today, Dawn lives in Colorado with her husband, Bill, and their two children. She continues to explore the edges of her own creativity in an effort to express her own individuality and artistic voice.